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Is Your Health Worth $29

Most of the time people treat their health like its a luxury. Its the first thing in a budget to cut. Yes... you can work on your health for FREE >> there are so many resources, however, with a society lacking relationship, community, and support it is always a plus to set yourself up at a gym that truly cares about you and your success.

Yes, you can get a gym membership anywhere and yes memberships can cost $10 to over $200... but lets take a BEAST Membership and break it down as an example... It breaks down to $29 a week!!! SAY WHAT? For community, a bomb workout, developing your mindset, shifting your life focus, building friendships, and simply getting out of your comfort zone a BEAST Membership is worth more than just a workout.

Only at Beast Body can you find staff that care for your success and find a community that is not here for the glitz and glam but for the work and sweat!

Only at Beast Body can you find it okay to cry your frustrations out on the gym floor or laugh your way through pain and people around you not judge.

Literally for $29 a week you can release stress, find clarity, find support, gain strength, hit goals, learn about health, learn about yourself, redefine your path, and most importantly become grounded in who you are.

Many people treat Health as a luxury and not as a necessity. Health is all a person has! Without good Mental Health, good Spiritual Health, and good Physical Health you are left with falling pieces that other people are forced to carry. So remember, when deciding on your health and well being ask yourself where can I find $29 in my budget. It comes down to priorities... Do you need the Netfllix and Hulu/ Cable subscriptions? Do you need to get the manicure or pedicure? Do you really need to eat out 3-4x out a week? Ask yourself what's important and what's going to get you closer to great Health. At the end of the day your wealth depends on your health.


Please see website for Membership Packages.


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