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It's Going to be Different this Year!

Yeay!!! We are all excited that 2021 is here!!! Lets get real... does it even matter? What are you going to do this year that is different from your past? What is it that you want that you are willing to work towards?

Everyone wants a happy relationship, a healthy body, everyone wants to be successful... but are you willing to put in the work even when the "feeling" of motivation has left? Are you willing to put in the work to get what you want 3 months from now... 6 months... 18 months from now... how long are you willing to work for what you want?

Even more... Are you willing to change?

If you truly want to change your life... There is no more talking about it... no more watching others do it... there's only work and execution... and performing it day by day, step by step. So make it happen.

No one else is going to put in the work for you... so again... What are you willing to do to make your goals become your reality? What are you going to do different? What are you going to change?

Take 5 minutes and list your hearts desires. Then... Take 5 minutes and right down the 1st step you need to move towards that goal.

For example:

Hearts Desire: Lose 50lbs

1st Step: Find a Gym

Get after it! Lets GOOOOOO!!!! Its time to change!!!


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