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Leading by Example

Often times we expect our friends, family, kids or even grandkids, to show up and perform when it comes to sports or healthy living. Reality is, who is their example?

Why is it that we expect more from a child or family member to give their best in any area, yet we aren't giving our best? These expectations can lead to frustrations. Too often we expect from others what we aren't willing to do. You cant expect someone to live out a healthier lifestyle if they don't see you living it out 100%.... right?... we cant expect our athletes to practice outside of practice if they dont even see us dedicating 20 minutes to movement.

We know it gets hard to lead by example, lets be honest, it takes alot of work to lead by example. Its an ongoing lifestyle you have to manage to keep up. People are watching! They see when your constantly inconsistent-because yes, constantly being inconsistent is a thing... and creates a cycle for those who look at you to 1. create the same cycle or 2. want to completely ignore you on matters.

Leading by example means you have to make adjustments, say no often, and many times be under judgement by those looking at you. Many people will not understand your reasoning for your consistency or determination to hit goals... but as we hit personal goals, our ultimate goal is to use our personal success to help guide others... and they can only be guided by them seeing that you are living walking proof.

This is just a reminder, whenever your son or daughter, grand kid, or friend is out their performing make sure you are an example for them.... or when your family member with diabetes is sitting across the party table with you...make sure you are the example....

So remember, it takes a rare breed to lead by example and a rare person to understand not everyone will approve of your healthy ways or your lifestyle. BUT believe, that your only focus should be to become your best self so you can help inspire others to become their best self.

Keep going. Don't stop!

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