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What is a Beast Mindset?

Did you know that we get emails and messages all the time on how "intimidating" we appear? Even though we take this with pride our goal is not to intimidate... we realized after much discussion amongst others what people see as hard work, sweat, and discipline comes off as intimidating... Why?... because it takes alot for a person to lay down their ways and pick up habits that will require them to be uncomfortable.

We have heard it all!... Our name Beast Body is too "intimidating"... our images and videos are too "intense"... our workouts look "scary"... Well... in a sense its because of who we have become and all that we have done.

Beast Body the name was inspired to unleash our inner BEAST while gaining great health in our BODY! We all have a Beast in us!... a LION... a Spirit wanting more out of any and all circumstances... it is the thing that makes us want more in life. It is the voice we hear inside! Some people have spent so many years suppressing their inner Beast that they cant even have a positive thought any more... " Oh i cant do that"... "Oh well because of them i cant do this." We, as people, have developed excuses also known as reasons as to why we cant accomplish something we desire.

To answer why we look so intense...We look intense because WE ARE intense... its natural... when your striving for goals... when your appreciative and grateful for your body and the ability it can function at... when your sweating because you decided to show up after a hard days worth of work and kids... when you have a loss in the family and you cry it out on the gym floor... when your spouse is verbally abusive and you need a safe place to get out the aggression... That our friend is the intensity seen of everyday people fighting to become stronger in Spirit... and this reads through in our images and videos.

Can we have real talk for a minute? Society says... depressed? Take a pill... want to lose weight.... take a pill... want to balance out your thoughts... take a pill. (Yes, we know there are cases in which some people do need specific medications) But all in all we are lead to the easy way out... eat bad things, watch bad things, work in a bad environment and repeat the process... THIS IS NOT HEALTHY!!!! We at Beast Body believe that if you can conquer your mind and unleash the Beast in you, you too will begin to look a little more fierce... a little more confident... a little more driven in every step. Intensity just begins to bleed from you... because you are working for the things you want with intent willing to go through the process!

Can we, Beast Body, "look scary?"... Well... if you let it... we mean... how many scary movies have you watched? What are you defining as scary? Does it look like we are going through an exorcism... NO!.... so then what does scary mean to you? is it the Work? the Effort you see? Do those things scare you because it shows work on your behalf that needs to get done? Does it scare you because it will require change? At Beast Body we are all about the change! If you aint trying to become better, if your not trying to strive for more, if your not trying to tap into your best self... Then what are you doing?

The Lion Mindset is not developed overnight but it is developed in our character over time... its what we work for to become self motivated... to be dreamers... to be doers... Beast Body is a group of people modified through advance who aren't afraid to believe and strive for greatness no matter where they are at in life and no matter who they are working out next to.... the Lion Mindset is for self purpose... its to develop the Beast in you so you can function in this thing called life when choas hits. Developing a strong mindset is the ability to get rid of the excuses, its the ability to get rid of the hurt and pain of your past, its the ability to stop the blame, its the ability to develop self motivation, and the ability to defeat seeking constant recognition.

Trust us when we say... at Beast Body we did not all start this way...Some of us started 50lbs+ heavier... some of us started depressed... full of anxiety... full of jealousy or envy... full of hurt... full of pain.... But when we work on ourselves in an environment that doesn't care about the excuses and doesn't except less than your best... then you begin to peel back layers and you begin to tap into your inner Beast... and that our friend is why sometimes we (Beast Body) appear to look a certain way. But dont fear... whether your a member of the gym, our online program, a newbie trying out a class for the first time, or a person who emails in asking the question "Why do yall look so scary"... Define your scary... we aint nothing but a bunch of bada** people trying to work on our personal goals while encouraging others to do the same!

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