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Mindset of an Athlete vs Average!

Closing out the year focused on our goals can be hard. Lets be real, theres candy everywhere, company holiday parties, family gatherings, and all the in between things like birthdays, kid school functions ect surrounding the last months of the year. Well, did you know that the average person will gain 10-15lbs between the course of October and January1st?

Yup, that's right! The average person will fall into the motion of "enjoying the Holidays" vs "Controlling the Holidays." Lets put it into perspective, an Athletes Mindset is to use any "down time/off time" to get better, stronger, faster, smarter in their sport. They use any "off time" to get a step ahead from everyone else. ...And that's it! The Mindset of an Athlete is willing to go above and beyond on days that most don't want to. They don't wait for the next season to start to get started... they prep all year no matter if they are in the game or not. See, that's a Beast Mindset type of mentality.

At Beast Body Fitness we don't believe in waiting for the right time or waiting till we "feel" like it to get started. With a little over 2 months to go in closing out the year many people will wait for the new year to get started, others will wait till March to work on that summer body, and others will wait till some kind of diagnosis comes about. Reality is, you have to have the Mindset of an Athlete and just do it NOW! You have to give your all-all the time. Showing up daily-consistently-and committed to your goal will add up to great results. The time is going to pass anyway you mine as well > set the time aside to work on you!

Theres so much that separates Elite Athletes from the Average, take injury for example, an Athlete knows they can still study, they know they can still show up to stay in the environment, they know they can use injury time to work on other areas of fitness, and most importantly an Athlete uses their injury as motivation to get back to work to prove they can come out better, faster, stronger. An average person getting injured will use the time to "take off." The average person will stop showing up, stop studying, and say its okay their falling off because they got injured. The average person doesn't keep their head in the game focused on their goals. They most often find themselves over a few months toying with the idea of hitting goals sometime in the future vs working on every other area to ensure they don't fall too far off.

There is a HUGE difference in the Mindset of an Athlete and the Mindset of the Average! Lets be 100 right now, anyone can develop a Mindset of an Athlete if they are willing to commit to the process no matter how they "feel."

So ask yourself the next time your skipping your workout or your recovery, or when you decide to eat things that aren't going to fuel your body... Ask yourself, do I have the Mindset of an Athlete-The Mindset of a BEAST or am I out here being average?

An Athlete works YEARS before they step on the scene and get recognized for their work.... How many years are you willing to put in so you can recognize and take pride of your work? If your not willing to commit to the lifestyle and put in the tedious-redundant work year after year, then know you aren't willing to hit your goals... And many who don't hit goals or quit in the process usually battle a lot more feelings, aches, and pains as the time passes.

So remember there is an Athlete in everyone of us.

... its up to you to unleash your inner Athlete because only you can make the change and be the change you want to see.



Everyone want to be a BEAST till its time to do what REAL BEAST do.

Stay Hard.


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