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Silence the Noise

Have you ever had a moment in fitness where you saw someone else progressing faster than you? Like seriously, you feel like you're putting in all the work and not seeing the results you want? Yet, you see someone else making so much progress it drives you crazy?

Well fitness is the biggest mind battle game you will ever play… and this is why at Beast Body we preach that it’s a You vs You competition... aint no one else in your battlefield but you!!!

Its very easy in fitness to play the comparison game but reality is, we don't know what the other person is doing outside of the gym to make the progress they are making. We don't know if they are working out more than us, if they are more committed to the process, if they are resting more, eating according to their macros consistently, doing the proper recovery things… We don't know if they don't have kids, or spouse to worry about, if they have a stressful job, ect… The reality is, when you play the comparison game in fitness your comparing yourself to people who may or may not have it all together. This is why it is so important to look yourself in the mirror and know that fitness results and success begin and end with YOU.

Only YOU can determine your consistency… Only YOU can determine your commitment to the process whether your out with friends, at the gym, or home alone> YOU have full control over every decision you make… others might be making better decisions than you on the weekends and may be prepping themselves for better results… so why compare your progress with someone else who might be a little more detailed than you? That will create so much noise and inconsistencies with your work. You'll begin to question why you even show up, you'll question what their doing different from you, you might even try to switch up the plan you have to see if what they are doing will work for you. STOP IT! PLAY YOUR OWN GAME and stop starting over!!!

All in all the person who shows up consistently will eventually out work or gain faster results than the person working hard that shows up inconsistently for themselves. So when it comes down to it, its better for you to silence the noise, and to remind yourself that the only competition you have on the gym floor or in the kitchen is YOU. You have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and ask if you’re giving 120%... if not… get to work… commit… keep going...and stop starting over!

Don’t get distracted by other people and their progress! Don’t believe the lies that you will never reach your personal fitness goals.

You are everything you say you are… and you can have anything you envision. So keep the momentum going! You got this! Just tell all the little mind monsters to find another place to reside because your on beast mode level that can’t be f* with!

Join us for our Love/Hate Relationship of Fitness Mindset Coaching June 11th 2022 1:00pm>>> RSVP Here


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