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Social Media & Comparison

Ever feel frustrated with your results from all your hard work because you see people on social media doing something a little different or seeing someone getting faster results?

Remember... social media is a highlight... What you don't see, many times, are the years of commitment. You don't see the detailed discipline of someone behind closed doors- you just see "fast results". But, the just started 5 months ago and already lost 40lbs< yeah... again... how detailed are they being? What are they prioritizing?

Social Media is a tricky place! It automatically has you playing the comparison game... wishing for more, pushing for more, or discrediting your work compared to someone else work. Don't do that! Just stick to the process. The journey you are on is your journey. You don't know what your comparing to on social media. Your life maybe busier, more stressful, more kids, maybe an unhappy marriage, maybe a loss... theres so many factors that play into your personal fitness journey. For example something as small as drinking every weekend is only going to set you back in comparison to the person that isn't drinking every weekend. <But you don't see that... you just see their results.

There are so many factors that takes place in lining yourself up for successful results... and the comparison game is not it! Comparing yourself causes you to bounce from diet to diet or workout style to workout style. All the jumping around usually leads to taking a few steps back because theres no commit to one process. If your one who has had great results before... Stick to that!... Stop bouncing from this or that.

With that being said...make sure your social media is setup to help you succeed! Your social media should be fueling your Mind and Body. Using social media to keep up with everyone can be tiring and many times "steal" your time.

So here are 3 tips for finding motivation on Social Media:

  1. Find people who are busier or have harder situations than you who are finding the time to keep health a priority. For example: you have 1 kid and your having a hard time making time to get to your workout?... follow moms of 5,6,7 kids who prioritize health for motivation and inspiration. Another example: your always too tired? Follow people who workout with missing limbs or people who are going through a health illness or loss and follow their journey and you will find a small still voice that tells you "if they can do it so can you." Trust us when we say there are hundreds of thousands of people that wish they can get up and move... so use that as fuel to make sh** happen.

  2. Flood your social media with Motivational Content. (Motivational content does not just people working out who have the body you desire) it's Inspirational Pages that provide quotes, scriptures, or even family/work-relationship guidance and advice. Too often we flood our social media with the images of people we think motivate us when reality is we compare to the images instead. You should have more motivational content than you do fitness influencers. If not... your mind is not getting fed what it needs to keep the commitment, motivation, and discipline to yourself.

  3. Use social media to track your progress as a living journal. Now... lets get this straight... if your not on social media and like not being on social media... bravo to you!!! Keep that up!! it is an amazing place to be!!!!. For real!!!.... However, if you are on social media and you want your journey documented or you want others to hold you accountable start by posting a simple "Gym Checkin" photo... or a Nutrition Check In photo of your food. If you see people posting videos and you want to too... GO FOR IT!!! Don't let social media scare you... you can literally use social media as your "Living Journal." and if others have a problem... uhhhh... remove them from your account its that simple! Not everyone needs a key to your diary. Your account is your account... so use it how you want to help you stay on your fitness journey game!

All in all... remember when you feel frustrated with your results because your comparing... DON"T! Stop it!... Embrace the journey you are on!


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