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Ups & Downs of Fitness

Fitness is one area that will show you who you are. Are you someone who often quits, someone who settles, someone who complains, someone who's never satisfied, someone who gives the bare minimum or maximum effort?

Fitness will show you exactly who are. It will test you and help build your character. Fitness is not for the weak.. it is for those willing to fight every obstacle thrown their way and never to give up. There's a love hate relationship to fitness because there are lots of ups and downs to it. It plays with our emotions. It hurts us. It makes us question our capabilities. It displays our weaknesses to help build our strength. Fitness is more than just a workout it is an overhaul to our DNA. We have to fight the urges and the routine of our daily flesh to overcome the obstacles standing ahead.

Just remember, the ups and downs in fitness don't mean you are incapable of accomplishing your goals... just means you are human and your character will be tested everyday to determine just how strong you are and how strong your willing to be.

Yes, sometimes we have to ride the rollercoaster of fitness... but we promise... if you work through it and don't give up you will see positive changes and results from your hard work. Just keep going.

(For a better read... Re-read changing all fitness words to life.)


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