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Wasting time?

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why aren't you giving 100%. This applies to everything! Your relationship, your work life, your fitness. WHY ARE YOU NOT GIVING 100%?... Believe it or not... You owe You and explanation!... not an excuse... but an explanation. Then GET TO FREAKIN work!!!! No more wasting time... no more wishing... no more frustration on the thoughts of "its taking too long"... STOP holding yourself back!

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

Your not going to feel like putting in the work everyday... There's probably more days you feel like NOT doing something than you will feel LIKE doing something... GET OVER IT! Do it because you know there are things you want and the only thing separating you from point A to B is the work it takes.

If you wait for the right time or the right feeling... you will be wasting alot of time to get things done... theres no such thing as the right time... because the time is now! We are not granted tomorrow!... If we wait for the right feeling... (our feelings shift on a day to day basis... shoot they even change on an hour to hour basis).. then we would continue to play the waiting game. There is no such thing as waiting for the "right feeling"! Just set your mind and priorities around your goals and make it happen!

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Jack M
Jack M
04. Okt. 2021

Thank you for shharing

Gefällt mir
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