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What is a Fitness Family?

We get asked often "What is a Fitness Family?"

Well... lets ESPLAIN... haha.

A fitness family is a group of people who gather together to support one another no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Its a group of people who go through the ups and downs of life just like you. Its a group of people that do their best to see the best in others.

Is a fitness family perfect?... HAHA... NOPE! Not at all!!! No matter what gym you go to... big or small... you will find its imperfections, however, its in working through the imperfections together that make the community strong.

Not everyone in a fitness family likes each other, your talking about so many different personality types... some that clash, some that mix, and some that create the best blend in harmony. A great Fitness Family, however, knows how and when to bite their tongue and not feed into negativity. <<< Not feeding into negativity is key and crucial for the growth of individuals on a personal level in a fitness fam.

This past weekend... we couldn't be more proud of out Beast Family for gathering together for a 5k run!

All different walks of life, all races, all ages, all professions coming together for a day of healthy fun, support, and community! Gym life is more than just hitting up a gym.... its more than getting to know a few people... its about growth and inspiring others. Its about making healthy fun and living your best life!

Congrats to all our runners! Yall are amazing!!!


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