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What to do when you are in a slump.

So we know feelings can get in our way. Feelings can make us more emotional, hear things in a tone it was not truly intended to be in, read body language differently, and ultimately get us in a slump of "poor me." Many times our feelings can lead us into walking depression, a spirit that secretly creeps up on us and begins to control the negative thoughts to produce negative energy, that produces negative actions, that produces negative health.

So we want to share a few tips that seem so simple and redundant.

  1. Tell your feelings to shut up!

Yes, we can have feelings and yes our feelings are important BUT we are not to be led by our feelings. So if our feelings aren't producing good intent and are feelings of destruction, hopelessness, guilt, worthlessness tell those feelings to SHUT UP and be gone!... To be honest, adding an exercise to a thought process can help a person to release negative energy that has no room in the body. For example: "I could have been a better parent"... perform 10 pushups and replace the thought with "I did the best i could and now i am doing everything i can to be my best." Hold every thought captive and cast that sucker out of your mind and off of your body... You are more than enough in all areas to be your great!

2. Wallow in it for a designated time!

Many times we either mask the pain, keeping it deep down inside on replay building emotional friction that one day explodes or we try to brush everything off as if there is no importance to it. Either way if we don't deal with our feelings our feelings will slowly begin to deal with us. So give yourself time to wallow in it. What does this look like? Well, lets say a co worker totally offended you. Take 5 minutes in your car to rant or yell about it, then take a minute to think about 1 thing that is great about them or how they work... and then LET IT GO! Within 6 minutes it should be done with!... Most of the time people carry their small offenses that lead up to miss reading a person on a constant bases. If you are not one to confront and discuss issues with the coworker or boss right away, then stop carrying the feelings for something they did that they most likely ain't even thinking about to your next day.

Or, lets say there's a death in the family... well this would allow for more wallowed designated time. Yes! Loss hurts tremendously and its draining and yes it makes you question so many aspects of life as people around you are just carrying on with their daily routines. But, allow yourself more time to wallow... if it means 2 or 3 months (or longer) of taking more time for yourself then do that. However, just because you set a time of lets say 3 months, that doesn't mean you will be back to "You", it means you allowed yourself some emotional healing time. Time that many forget to give themselves when life throws curve balls at us. After 3 months what your saying is... "Okay, lets get back to the things I enjoyed and the things that make me me." This could be a year for some... but overall it allows you time and space to recognize how you are dealing with your feelings and it allows you time and space to not allow yourself to result in life long depression. Remember, its feelings unheard or feelings unseen that you continuously ignore that drives you to be led by your feelings vs being in control.

3. Workout/Move

Yeah Yeah, we know... this sounds like an easy step coming from the gym. Actually no! its not! One of the hardest things to do when you are in your feelings is to want to do anything yet alone workout. Also, think about it... when your in your feelings usually those at the gym feel your energy and sometimes someone can even read your facial expressions wrong. So know you can potentially offend others or shift the mood of the class. However, depending on your gym community people are very understanding and simply letting them know when they ask how your doing and saying " having a rough day" >being honest. Then it allows you to accept where you are and allows others to embrace you where your at. The gym is full of emotions and feelings but we are not to be led by them and that is why going to get in a workout at the gym is great. You get to release negative energy, you get to escape your reality and process your feelings. A workout will boost your energy and turn your body into a machine of knowing when im down this movement is a healthy release of endorphins, dopamine, and energy. Does your workout have to be great? No! Many times it might be crying through sets. Other times it might be hitting reps extra hard. No matter what your workout looks like its the feelings you release that allow you to continue moving forward where most just get stuck because in their feelings the emotionally eat or sleep or hibernate from the world.

4. You are not the only one in a slump!

Most of the time we think we are the only one who has every felt what we have felt. The reality is millions of people have been where you are and millions of people have made it through. Getting out of a slump can be very hard to do alone. But surrounding yourself with people who can make you remember how great you are or how fun life can be is critical to your process. Not everyone is a superhero who can go in and out of slumps processes on their own. But many times you have to surround yourself with people who aren't afraid to go to war with this thing called life.

Remember, life will throw curve balls at you. You have feelings like others have feelings. Your feelings are valid because they are yours and yours only. It is not mandatory that someone else understands your feelings or changes due to your feelings. But know, you CAN NOT be led by your feelings as many times that can lead you further away from what you actually want or dream of. One of the hardest things in life is to address your feelings and let them go. So just do yourself a favor and don't be so hard on yourself.


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