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When Does Fitness Get Easier?

It doesn't! Fitness is not one of those things where you have arrived at a finish line. Its one of those things you commit to and little by little you see progress, then something happens that sets you back, and then you "feel" like your starting all over. Its like a game you play and the only way you "win" is if you stay in the game- For Life!

Truth of the reality is, fitness is a lifestyle. It is a decision that has to be made every day that you are willing to prioritize. Fitness has to become your way of life. Once you decide fitness is part of your everyday regimen then you'll begin to realize its not that hard to continue committing to.

Fitness doesn't necessarily get easier. You do get stronger and you do build functionality in your everyday movement. However, the hardest thing in fitness is to maintain your best results.

Think back to the time you committed to your fitness journey and plan...think about your best results... What were you doing?... Most of us would say we showed up to the gym everyday to put in that work, did some bonus work, meal prepped, logged in our food, and even went as far as giving up chips, sweets, or alcohol. When your committed to the detail of the process you can't help but see results. However, in seeing results we often get excited and begin to slack off... Not show up to workout one day, forget to meal prep, don't do any bonus work a different day. Its in all these "small" missed opportunities that you slowly revert backwards and you don't even see it happening.

If one thing remains constant its that fitness takes a lot of contestant detailed work.

So ask yourself, what's holding you back? Is it your spouses? Your kids? Your work? Or is it You? Are you not planning accordingly? Are you not making changes to your schedule as needed? Are you allowing the kids and their activities to swamp your little bit of "me time"? Are you allowing work to overrule your every hour? What are you allowing to stop you?

Taking charge and prioritizing your needs in your schedule goes very far! So if your constantly asking when will i see my results... ask yourself when are you willing to FULLY COMMIT?

We wish we could say fitness was easy... but it involves your mind battling itself to make decisions we often don't "feel" like doing. We do know though, that once you make the decision to full commit, it does become a bit easier to plan your week and not feeling so defeated. When you plan and prioritize it makes you feel like your heading in one direction and that towards goals, results, and success.

So keep going, even when things get hard!


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