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When Obstacles slap you in the face!

Obstacles come and go! They are big and small... Many times we dont know when we will be faced with them! Well this past week in Texas millions of us were faced with the obstacle of no electricity and water... no outlet on social media or internet or simply any connection to what was going on in the world. Although, it seemed crazy and although it was stressful it was a time to reflect and realize how blessed we are! To this day many countries face the problems of no electricity or running water and they have lived like this for centuries.

So when faced with an obstacle that is unexpected... remember who you are and whos you are. You are strong, you are a conqueror, you are a thinker and problem solver... YOU ARE A BEAST.... a person who is willing to see the obstacle ahead and adjust to keep moving forward.

For many of us our week consisted of "not so healthy foods" as we scrambled for whatever was left in the pantry or store shelves as everything in the fridges began to go bad... Many of us were dehydrated due to a lack of water... and on top of that many were faced with bigger problems like water damage to our home, illness, and deaths in the family all under a week of hardship.

Remember though, obstacle thrown our way gives each individual 2 choices that can alter our future.

The choice to:

  1. Quit, stop, or complain about everything that went wrong or

  2. Adjust and keep moving

Lets be real.... 1 is easier to do... Its easy to cast blame, quit, fall into a depression... but choice 2 is where you want to be. You want to be able to adjust and keep moving.... Now this doesn't mean you cant have your moment to breakdown and cry it out... it doesnt mean you wont stress a little... it just means you know your current situation, feelings, and emotions are temporary and will one day be a glimpse in your past. Adjusting and moving forward builds character... Think about it.... While facing your obstacle... ask.. What am I learning right now?... and how do i see myself 2 weeks from now... or a month from now?... Do I want to be crying everyday or do i want to look back and say I made it?

Trust us... no matter your obstacle if you are given another day to wake up... then you are given another day to conquer!

Remember obstacles come and go and most of the time we don't see them coming... But be so strong that you don't lose yourself in the process. Embrace the process of character development... embrace the process of the people surrounding you in support, embrace the process of patience, embrace the fact that todays worry does not need to be carried unto tomorrow.... embrace the little blessings that have gone unseen any other day. We know this is all easier said than done... BUT... its not impossible! Many have walked through, valleys, through hard times, through fire and made it on top!

Every obstacle you go through fight like a LION and and don't you every give up!


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