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Who will rescue you?

You know who's gonna bail you out? You know who's gonna come and rescue you? You know who's gonna come and save the day? No one. Nobody's gonna lift the weights for you. Nobody's gonna do the pull-ups for you. Nobody's gonna go out and put in the road work for you. You gotta do all that yourself.

Too tired, too hungry, too sore, too hot, too cold, too whatever.

Don't let the mind monsters talk you out of your purpose. Do the things you don't "feel" like doing. If you don't "feel" like going to the gym... go! If you don't feel like getting out of bed.... Get out of bed. If you feel like getting drunk... Don't. Do the opposite of what you "feel" and at the end of the day you will "feel" better about the progress you made by taking the right steps!

Its simple... life is full of YES or NOs.... stop with the grey area... the maybe... the later... the oh well not right now... STOP with being wishy washy! It's simple... You either do it or don't do it! You either waste time or don't waste time. You either change or don't change.

Stay disciplined! It takes time & commitment!... its a Lifestyle!


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