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You're just a Manager!

There are bad managers, decent managers, managers who do just enough, and there are hard to find great managers who go above and beyond in their position.

Question is... What kind of Manager are you? Lets use your body-health- aka: temple for example.

How are you treating your body? Are you taking care of it, loving it, making the necessary changes to get off medication? Or are you accepting Dr. reports and living by them? Have you been on your way to more prescriptions, medical bills, more Dr. visits?

You were given the body you get to live in and many of us take it for granted wishing we had someone else's physique or form. BUT if you accept that your body is not yours BUT it is yours to manage.... and that you are a manager of a temple- a place you get to live, you would most likely take better care of it.

All to often we get sucked into the acceptance of health diseases due to "ageing" instead of accepting the fact that we are failing in our choices and performance. Seriously ask yourself....are you a good manager of your own body?

Remember everything you feed your temple can either help you grow or keep you stagnant. Feeding comes from hearing, vision, and food... so managing all areas is crucial! So stop living in comfort and stop living restricted... You have the abilities in you to work and manage to get the results you want. No Dr. report is set in stone... so do everything you can to be the manager of your body who goes above and beyond.

Be strong in all your ways. Your body is capable in achieving what your mind is set to do... the question is are you taking charge the way you need to be? Don't take your health for granted, it's the only thing you have that can keep you living life abundantly or can keep you living life restricted---the choices on how you live is in your hands! You are manager, so you are in control. So what are you doing with your health today to improve the you 3,5,10 years from now??? What kind of manager are you over your body?


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